September 24, 2014


Method Behind the Madness

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Here to Make Your Life a Little Easier

Together, the wizards behind the curtain have studied and worked in a wide range of artistic and academic disciplines from diverse places, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Seattle. Our experience revolves around creative multimedia services: graphic art & web design, screen printing, digital video, post production editing, event staging, online marketing, fine art painting, personalized business promotion, and more. We’ve worked for arts & lit magazines as jack of all trades as well as environmental organizations’ go-to web gurus, filmed & managed musical acts & fashion shows, volunteered as representatives & technical consultants for housing & community arts cooperatives, obtained grants for animated films, and signed on for video production of commercial film projects. We now regularly collaborate with other artists, musicians, filmmakers, and nonprofits on various multimedia projects. Do you want to join our network of creatives & client base?

90% creativity to spare

70% efficient to the bone

50% work hard, play hard

30% genuine & honest where it counts

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